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Who We’ve Worked With


 In 2018, we donated 15% of our our Spring training sales to the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital and were fortunate to have the St. Lucie Mets match our efforts! We also teamed up with a few New York Mets players who took time out during their “off day” to visit with some of the kids at PBCH. Thank you to everyone in the Mets organization and Palm Beach Children’s hospital who made this day possible! And thank you to Mets players (From left to right in the left picture) Brandon Brosher, Chase Ingram, Ricky Knapp, Pat Biondi, Colton Plaia, Kevin Taylor, Brandon Nimmo, and his wife, Chelsea Nimmo.

Venice, FL Little League

From Little League…to the Big Leagues

Nick Longhi of the Cincinnati Reds organization (Top Left) put on a FREE camp for the kids of Venice Little League in his current hometown of Venice, Florida. We also sold Elevate shirts and hats during the camp, with 15% of the profits being donated to the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. Thank you Nick, and everyone else who took part in the camp—kids, coaches, and parents! 

Room to Heal


New York Mets prospects (From left to right) Tim Peterson, Pat Biondi, Kevin Kaczmarski, and Kevin Taylor had the opportunity to redecorate Damin’s (Center) room in the morning, then play catch and take a picture before the start of the AA Rumble Ponies’ game.

We were also able to donate $3 from every sale in the Binghamton Rumble Ponies team store in 2017. Thanks to a Room to Heal and the Rumble Ponies for allowing us to work with you!

Meals on Wheels


New York Mets prospects (From left to right in the picture) Luis Guillorme, Casey Delgado, Kevin Taylor, Kevin Kaczmarski, and Pat Biondi and Rumble Ponies front office personnel Caitlin McClare, J.B., and Sabrina Warren to deliver meals to local seniors. Thanks to Meals on Wheels and the Rumble Ponies for the opportunity to work together!