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Upcoming Episodes

*Episode 001: Erik Bakich—Head Baseball coach at the University of Michigan

Now available on Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud

spotify: The elevate Movement Podcast

*Episode 002: Michelle McMahon—Big Ten Network Host, Chicago Blackhawks Pre and Post game reporterEpisode

*episode 003: Curtis Granderson—Outfielder Miami Marlins

*Episode 004: Ryan Lamarre—Outfielder in the Atlanta Braves organization

 About the Podcast


The Goal of the elevate movement podcast is to connect you with elite performers—professional athletes, coaches, musicians, entrepreneurs, doctors —and talk to them about their experiences. Hopefully, you will come across ideas and strategies that will help you succeed in whatever it is you want to do!

We will talk about everything from funny stories, to routines, to how our guests deal with negativity, doubt, and temporary failure. While our goal is to bring ideas and strategies that will help you be the best version of yourself, we will also take an honest look at anxieties, fears, doubts, and the roadblocks that have occurred during our guests lives and we will talk about how to productively address these issues and overcome them.

To appear on the show: Contact Pat Biondi on instagram @patbiondi5 or email us at